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If you want to attain greatness, think no little thoughts!

When a client discusses transitions, international career coach Nicole Miller, relates to their experience on a personal level. Her life has been spent moving from one military base to another throughout the world: as a dependent, a Canadian Forces Officer, and a spouse of a serving Major within an Infantry Battalion. The global experiences that she has lived through could fill a book, and it is this bank of knowledge that she draws upon to help clients achieve their specific job search goals.

Her greatest asset, it is said, is her ease and successful approach to people, which has helped solidify her success within the industry.

Nicole Miller - Principal Writer
Nicole Miller


Examples of her credentials include:


ONLY Canadian EVER to WIN Best Résumé Category International Résumé Writing Competition - Professional Résumé Writing & Research Association


1st Certified Résumé Writer in Canada Professional Résumé Writing & Research Association


1st Certified Electronic Career Coach in Eastern Ontario Professional Résumé Writing & Research Association


2nd Credential Career Master in Eastern Ontario The Career Masters Institute


International Job and Career Transition Coach The Career and Adult Development Network


Vice President Of International Relations Professional Résumé Writing & Research Association


Résumé Strategist Association of On-Line Résumé & Career Professionals


Member Canadian Counseling Association



Examples of her involvement within the industry


1st Published Female Résumé Writer in Canada. Works published in these International Publications:
Résumés that Knock ‘Em Dead
Expert Résumés for Health Care Professionals
Expert Résumés for Teachers and Educators
Expert Résumés for Computer and Web Jobs
101 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career
Best Résumés and CVs For International Jobs
Résumé Maker Software

Expert Resumes Expert Resumes Expert Resumes Best Resumes
Resumes that Knock Them Dead 101 Ways to Recession Proof your Career Resume Maker Software

Articles featured monthly, within many industry magazines, newsletters, and web-forums.


Mil-Roy Consultants participated in Volunteers for Careers Initiatives for victims of 9-11 Tragedy.


Nicole Miller earned a place on the PRWRA Certification Team and on the TORI Standards Committee.


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Have Career Will Travel

New CD-Book Available

Have Career…Will Travel
A Guide for Military Spouses Dealing with Relocations, Employment Interruptions and Job Search
By Don Skipper (LTC USA Ret.) CCM, CECC and Nicole Miller (Army Spouse) CRW, IJTC, CCM, CECC

Let us take you, step-by-step, through the maize of the job search process. This CD-book is the first of it's kind in the career field. It has been created for the military spouse experiencing frequent relocations!

"You can have it all.....  A military lifestyle AND a successful career!"

As a military spouse, a range of circumstances can lead to your career transition, including personal choice, change of posts, retirements, family responsibilities, as well as job loss. But, how can you ensure that this change will be for the better? How can you grasp control of your path and secure not only a job, but also one that will renew your professional spirit?
Have Career… Will Travel presents a unique step-by-step synopsis of how military spouses can achieve both career advancement and job satisfaction. Skipper and Miller have weaved together knowledge taken from years of experience to create a powerful information-packed manual which will aid you in charting your career path, steering through the obstacles of the job search, all the while empowering you with the tools to become your own career manager!

You will be presented with methods that have been researched and have worked for military spouses like you. You'll learn:

  • " How to design a new career direction that fits your talents, needs, and goals while being practical and attainable.
  • How and where to promote yourself as the sought-after employee.
  • How to find the hidden job market and use it to your advantage.
  • How to create words to make your résumés, cover letters, and thank you letters set you apart from the competition.
  • How to make every interview answer count.
  • How to close the deal and maximize your salary and benefit negotiations.
  • How to land and keep that perfect job.
  • No matter where you are in your professional life, Have Career…Will Travel, will expertly teach you how to minimize the time you will require to maximize your job search efforts, while pursuing your ultimate career path!

The CD-Book's introductory price is: $29.99CDN.

Order Now!

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